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Terms of Use

1. Object

These Conditions of Sale and Use are intended to define the conditions under which Members are allowed to use the site to operate Asikiss.com for their linking virtual private purposes and not commercial. Some services offered by Asikiss.com are either free or paid.

2. Registration

To be a member of Asikiss.com must be aged (e) at least 18 years from the date of registration and fill out all required fields in the forms. Equipment for access to the site and all Asikiss.com telecommunications costs incurred by its use are the responsibility of the Member. Therefore, the member has to take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and / or software from contamination by viruses on networks from the Internet. The Member is solely responsible for the data and information it certifies:• That the information provided is accurate and truthful• That the photos posted are• What identity is not misused• That the email address provided is genuine and he is actually the owner (in case of non-receipt of messages Asikiss.com service that could send the Member waives any and all claims and / or legal action to against Asikiss.com)• it has the age requirements (having more than 18 years)• it has the capacity to contract• Whether consent is clear and precise. Any person who shall fraudulently registered or has violated one of the Terms and Conditions of Use and will be immediately disconnected, and registration will be canceled without any financial compensation. Pursuant to Article 34 of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, after your registration, you will have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. To exercise these rights, you simply change your personal information by entering Asikiss.com with your username and password, then go to "My Profile" and "My Account». By checking the box:" I confirm I am over 18 and accept the general terms of use without condition" at the bottom of the page of registration and clicking the submit button, the Member• Is committed to the truth of his quality• Recognizes fully informed• And it is bound by all the provisions of these Conditions of Sale and Use. After registration the Member has a login and password confidential and personal. They should not be disclosed or shared with third parties. In any case, Asikiss.com not be responsible for loss of usernames and / or passwords.

3. Obligation www.asikiss.com

Asikiss.com is available to Members through the use of one or more services Asikiss.com web site accessible at www.asikiss.com continuously, that is to say 24 hours 24, 7 and 7 days throughout the year, so that the member can be accessed at any time, except in cases of force majeure including up any event beyond the control of and subject Asikiss.com of any maintenance necessary for the proper operation of the site Asikiss.com, services and equipment.Asikiss.com undertakes to exercise due care in use in the profession, in the implementation of the services provided to Members. However Asikiss.com responsibility shall in no case be used in the following cases:• momentary power interruption for a period of a few minutes to update some files• Difficulties operation or momentary interruption of service beyond its control including any interruption of services, electricity or telecommunications• Temporary closure of the site or access Asikiss.com one or more of its services to perform an update, modifications or changes in operational methods, servers or hours of availability without this list being exhaustive being specified that 'Asikiss.com shall endeavor to suspend access during periods of low attendance.Asikiss.com is committed to providing quality data in accordance with industry practice and to the efforts to provide reliable, complete and impartial. However, the parties agree that any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, cannot be completely excluded in the field of services and Asikiss.com is subject to an obligation of means. In case of error or omission proved, brought to its attention, Asikiss.com undertakes to disseminate dispatches necessary corrective.Asikiss.com ensures distance and by electronic means providing a virtual dating service on the internet. In no event activity Asikiss.com covers the organization of real encounters. The business meeting has no legal obligation to identify members when they join the site or monitor content published by Members. However, spot checks may occur to ensure that members adhere to public order, morality and the rights of others.

4. Obligations of member

The Terms of Use are effective immediately and throughout the duration of the registration as a Member. The Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the date of expiration of the withdrawal period and throughout the duration of the subscription. It is forbidden for a member to report or disclose to other members personal information revealing his identity such as name, mailing address and / or email, phone ... other Members without "Asikiss.com."The member agrees not to divert the other members of this site to another site or service competitor. The password assigned to the Member and all communications are confidential by the Member's password to any third party is at your own risk and it is generally any information deemed confidential.Asikiss.com responsibility cannot be sought in this regard. The member agrees to provide data sincere, loyal, honest and real. Generally the Member is solely responsible for data consulted, questions and transfers on the Internet and the use of site services including Asikiss.com Asikiss.com responsibility cannot be engaged in any capacity whatsoever. In this respect, the Member is prohibited to broadcast messages abusive, insulting, disparaging or degrading defamatory connected a Member. It is forbidden to use the site or otherwise Asikiss.com attack on freedom and the rights of others and to disseminate information and constituent elements include:• Pedophilia• Procuring• Pornography• Incitement to racial hatred• Call for murder• Denial of crimes against humanity• Defamation and insults• Hacking• Zoophilia • and other extreme practices that directly or indirectly affect the dignity of the individual• To use the site to proselytize or to convey political ideas whatsoever.• To make commercial use of the Site, or lease or assign the access code in whole or in part, whether free or encourage minors to connect to Asikiss.com. Non-compliance with these restrictions will result in the immediate removal of site services Asikiss.com and termination of registration.Asikiss.com reserves the right to pursue legally the Member responsible for such data and information. It is recalled that the use of the site for advertising purposes is excluded, as well as direct contacts with members of Asikiss.com from escort girls, prostitute, webmasters, services 3615, audiotel services, SMS services etc. ...In case of intrusion, Asikiss.com reserves the right to pursue such judicial actions. The Member agrees to keep his secret ID and not disclose it in any form whatsoever. The Member is solely responsible for the access codes that allow him to use the services of Asikiss.com in any case Asikiss.com cannot be held responsible for the excesses of the member made without his knowledge. In case of loss or theft the user agrees to immediately inform Asikiss.com. The Member guarantees Asikiss.com against any claims of third parties due to the content of data and information regardless of the legislation in question, and shall fully indemnify all direct or indirect consequences related to this action.

5. Confidentiality

Asikiss.com respects the life of members of the site. Members therefore have a right to access, rectify and delete data concerning them in accordance with Article 34 of the law on data processing, files and freedoms. The Member may exercise this right by writing to customer service on the contact page of the site. Providing some information, comments or content (including photographs) Optional, may reveal ethnic origin, nationality and / or religion, the Member concerned manifests his wish and, therefore, explicitly accepts data processing "sensitive "by Asikiss.com. More freely he takes sole responsibility. Information that may be collected on Asikiss.com are exclusively designed to allow linking between several Members. This information is then used to provide our services to our members. All precautions have been taken to store the information in a secure environment. Information supplied by the member care will never be disclosed to third parties for commercial purposes, sold or exchanged. It is possible at any time to modify or delete any information concerning the Member Asikiss.com directly on the site at the following address: www.asikiss.com.Of the functioning of a website, certain non-personal information may be collected such as the browser version member (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla ...), your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux ...) and your IP address. The information contained in member profiles are available on Asikiss.com. Members therefore expressly authorize reproduction and dissemination of information concerning all or part of the site Asikiss.com or email.

6. Protection rules

Asikiss.com pay particular attention to respect for the privacy of its members, the protection of personal data and confidentiality of their trade.Asikiss.com undertakes to take all necessary precautions to preserve data security and particularly prevent them from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties.Asikiss.com reserves the right to delete messages sent in mass mailings by a Member in order to preserve the quality of use of the service from other members.Asikiss.com technically cannot ensure the filtering of all connections to the site or the systematic control of all content published by members, provides several areas of the site a warning tool that allows any member who aware of suspicious behavior or contrary to public policy, inform the website. The site will Asikiss.com is to allow any member to communicate securely without revealing his name, address or email address, phone number or other information that would allow other members to be identified outside Site. Activity Asikiss.com does not cover the actual organization of meetings.Asikiss.com assumes no responsibility for meetings between members and / or non-members due to the use of its services. However, Asikiss.com intends to implement all the means at its disposal to ensure reliable service to each and consistent with public order, morality and the rights of others and reserves including: all blocked content before publication are validated in the shortest possible time by the moderation team. Asikiss.com reserves the right to reject all or part of the text:• uses vocabulary and / or pseudo vulgar or obscene• constitutes a breach of good manners, an offense under the legislation• door defamatory, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, zoophiles, pedophiles or commercial• generally any writing contrary to the spirit of the site Asikiss.com blocked all voice messages are validated before publication in the shortest possible time by the moderation team.Asikiss.com reserves the right not to broadcast voice messages, comprising:• Proposals for contact with minors• indication of direct personal contact• proposals for paid services• obscene, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, zoophiles or pedophiles• a general all Voice Announce contrary to the spirit of the site Asikiss.com blocked all photographs are validated before publication in the shortest possible time by the moderation team before posting on the site.Asikiss.com reserves the right to refuse to broadcast if the pictures:• representing children, many people, person, naked (s), a person with an attitude or position obscene• are clearly the product of a fitting or of poor quality• show the details of the person or a link to a website• are not respectively JPEG or GIF photo• generally any visual contrary to the spirit of Asikiss.com any messages deleted by the moderation team for one of these reasons give rise to any refund.

7. Advertising

Asikiss.com reserves the right to disseminate advertising or promotional messages on its website.

8. Changes to the Terms of Use

Asikiss.com reserves the right to make changes to these Terms of Use any changes it deems necessary or useful. Changes to these Terms of Use will not affect the contracts that are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the date of the subscription. Any use of the service by the user after Asikiss.com changes in terms and conditions agreed upon by the latter is the new conditions. The Terms of Use shall replace the modified Terms of Use prior.

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